Manage every screen from the one in front of you
Our easy-to-use-tools are always within reach—anytime, anywhere

With the right tools at your fingertips, anything is possible

Establish your own network operations center and grow with confidence

  • Centralize control
    Manage your theatre operations and assets exactly the way you want, all from one place.
  • Perform at your best
    Automate your operations and reduce your support costs while achieving maximum efficiency and uptime.
  • See the big picture
    Monitor asset longevity, track consumables, set personalized alerts, and resolve potential show-stoppers before they happen.  
  • Leverage real-time data and comprehensive reporting
    Data-driven decision making helps increase confidence, proactivity, and cost savings.
  • Stay laser focused
    With our software running behind the scenes you’re free to focus on what matters most—delivering the best audience experience and prioritizing revenue-generating activities.


Build fully customized reporting.

Secure Remote Access

Secure remote access

Secure, easy and flexible.

Ticketing and Knowledge Management


Streamline all communication within a ticket towards a solution.

Experience is everything

Here's how Cinergy gets it right:

  • We’re truly friendly: Our software works the way you expect it to, from set-upto show-time. It automates routine tasks and makes the complex simple.
  • We’re all-inclusive: We seamlessly integrate with your cinema equipment, no matter the manufacturer, and runs on any platform and any device, you name it.
  • We’re multilingual: We already support English, Spanish, and Portuguese, and are always open to support additional languages.  
  • We’re trusted and secure: Your data remains yours, always. And our platform is built secure from the ground up, continuously evaluated to meet strict technical and security benchmarks.
  • Our software grows with you: We meet today’s challenges and deliver tomorrow’s solutions to adapt to your unique requirements.

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