Manage every screen from the one in front of you
Cinergy is always within reach—anytime, anywhere

With the right tools at your fingertips, anything is possible

Establish your own network operations center and grow with confidence with our easy-to-use remote monitoring and management platform

  • Centralize control
    Manage your theatre operations and assets exactly the way you want, all from one place.
  • Perform at your best
    Automate your operations and reduce your support costs while achieving maximum efficiency and uptime.
  • See the big picture
    Monitor asset longevity, track consumables, set personalized alerts, and resolve potential show-stoppers before they happen.  
  • Leverage real-time data and comprehensive reporting
    Data-driven decision making helps increase confidence, proactivity, and cost savings.
  • Stay laser focused
    With our software running behind the scenes you’re free to focus on what matters most—delivering the best audience experience and prioritizing revenue-generating activities.

Command Station puts you in control

Perform booth operations and control cinema equipment from anywhere in your theatre
  • Work smarter, not harder
    Start and stop playlists, raise and lower audio levels, adjust lighting and more without accessing your booth equipment or TMS.  
  • Experience ultimate control at your fingertips
    Interface with your auditoriums quickly, effortlessly, and remotely while affecting change immediately from a tablet.  
  • Unleash your potential
    Be in more than one place at once and drive efficiencies across your operations.  

Experience is everything

Here's how Cinergy gets it right:

  • We’re truly friendly: Our remote monitoring and management software works the way you expect it to, from set-up to show-time. It automates routine tasks and makes the complex simple.
  • We’re all-inclusive: We seamlessly integrate with your cinema equipment, no matter the manufacturer, and runs on any platform and any device, you name it.
  • We’re multilingual: We support English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Simplified Chinese, and Traditional Chinese languages.
  • We’re trusted and secure: Your data remains yours, always. And our platform is built secure from the ground up, continuously evaluated to meet strict technical and security benchmarks.
  • Our software grows with you: We meet today’s challenges and deliver tomorrow’s solutions to adapt to your unique requirements.

Our Customers

If you ask us what our purpose is, the answer’s always the same: To empower our subscribers with smart software solutions that truly make a difference in their operations.  But don’t just take our word for it.  Here’s what our subscribers say:

"Cinergy allows us to be proactive in addressing any issues that arise within our customers’ theaters in real time. We are very excited to expand our service offerings to our customers with the addition of Cinergy.

Chad Bateman

VP of Technical Sales, Claco

"Cinergy provides us with state-of-the-art technology that ensures our customers experience the best possible film presentation every time."

Andy Petkovsek

Director of Technology, Classic Cinemas

“Event monitoring is an important part of our business and Cinergy helps us to ensure the best possible presentation for our guests."

Lynne Schmidt

VP of Operations & Strategic
Partnerships, Fathom Events

After evaluating various software solutions we made the decision to move forward with Cinergy based on its robust service suite, reporting capabilities and Cinergy’s commitment to stay current with development in the marketplace.”

Matt Basford

VP Technical Services, Regal

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